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Speech is silver but Silence is Golden

Speech is silver but Silence is Golden


Far too many people feel uncomfortable in silence. It seems unnatural to them. This is not healthy. One should respect silence, and also learn to enjoy their own company. Just observe a group of people you will find when the chatter stops, there will be one person who will start talking unnecessarily, and say something really out of context. This happens because as a general rule all of us find discomfort in silence. We are all so used to the everyday clatter, that we find it strange to be silent. More so with today`s technology.

When you learn to enjoy your own company, your confidence level will rise. You will learn to be introspective. You will find your senses of feeling, thinking, hearing, and seeing have reached a higher level. Practice it and see the results.

Silence is a language in itself. This is also a tool of communication. There are times when more results can be achieved by silence than by talking. So silence is also a form of communication. But this is not the silence I am talking about. This is a different type of silence. The topic here is deliberate silence, enjoying your own company, not seeking other company, just to avoid silence and attaining Inner peace.

You will know you have learnt to enjoy silence, when you no more feel compelled to talk, you enjoy being introspective, and find contentment and peace in your silence. You will definitely find that your self-esteem has reached a higher level and so has your confidence level, and your understanding of others too.

You need to consciously practice this virtue, for you to reap benefits. Do share your experience, if you find it is worth practicing silence.

Silence is Golden and Silence is an Attitude, a sweet, pleasant attitude.

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Freelance content writer and consultant for designing websites.

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