A huge thank you to  GITS  for once again coming to my rescue on a tiring day. Yesterday , I was busy and so  involved in my work, it was just not possible for me  to make dinner.So I turned to Gits-the super food for their ready made food,picked up two, Dahi Wada and Vegetable biryani, andPRESTO !!! in 25 minutes flat I had two exciting dishes on my dining table for the whole family.This time around, ofcourse I did not have hamper from FBAI, but I ordered from my local supermarket and I did`nt mind.

Gits Dahi wada      Gits ready meals

The easy to follow instructions were a blessing. Ofcourse, I did add my special personal touch, and gave dum to the biryani in the traditional way, but it was a pleasure, and very quick and time saving.

I have in the pipe line the other  ready made foods by Gits, the upma, Kulfi  & Gulab Jamun.Knowing Gits, I am sure these will be very handy.Also , one added benefit, the shelf life of these foods is 12 months, so no hassles and worrying about expiry date.Can be safely stored at room temperature.

I appreciate the consistency maintained by Gits in their ready made mixes, and they have great quality standards, which they abide by.

Happy to have Gits around.

Gits logo equalHealth happ

Feel free to visit their site. Click on the Gits Logo below This will take you to their site.

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I have now instructed my hubby to load my kitchen with a weekly stock of this super delicious meals


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  1. This has made my day. I wish all ponsgtis were this good.

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