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The four building blocks of Nutrition

Building blocks

The four building blocks of Nutrition GNC Live Well had organised an awareness event on 10th Oct 2017 at Oasis Complex, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai.It was an enlightening session. Started off with  the fitness guru Dr.Mickey Mehta on the importance of diet along with exercise to enhance the quality of …

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Is Tomato a Fruit or a Vegetable.


The controversy about tomatoes is long standing.Is Tomato a fruit or a vegetable has been debated for long, and it still remains a debate. One school of thought says, since tomatoes have seeds, it is to be considered as a fruit,however consumers have always considered Tomatoes as vegetable, hence it remains …

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Healthy living

EIGHT FOODS THAT BUILD MUSCLES & BURN FAT. Here are valuable tips with eight foods that build muscles & burn fat Plan your strategy and determine that you want to build muscle.This in itself is a great motivating factor.Impress everyone with rapid improvement in muscle building & burning fat, by …

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Muscle Imbalance—How to get a balanced body.

Muscle Imbalance

Muscle Imbalance—How to get a balanced body. Why is there muscle imbalance Humans are creatures of habit.It is a known fact that if muscles are not exercised, they would become weak, and not function to their full potential.Also the general tendancy of a human body is that we have assymetrical …

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Benefits of soaked Almonds


Benefits of soaked Almonds If your mother pleaded with you every morning to eat your daily dose of soaked almonds, then she may have been right. Choosing between soaked almonds and raw almonds isn’t just a matter of taste, it’s about picking the healthieroption.  The brown peel of almonds contains tannin which inhibits nutrient absorption. …

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Balancing Your Meals

Healthy living

Balancing Your Meals Eating the right food is important for our body to function at its optimum best.The food that we eat is the much needed fuel for the body. Eating wrong food and overeating ,both are harmful and cause the body discomfort such as indigestion, reflux, heartburn, and constipation. …

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Foods that benefit

FOOD As we all know, the food we eat helps our body function as they act as fuels. Unfortunately, most people are putting the wrong food into their body systems and eating too much! Eating too much and putting wrong food in your body may cause body discomfort such as indigestion, …

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